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Logistics / CEO at YBT Industries

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Steven Odzer, the distinguished CEO of YBT Industries, located in Cedarhurst, New York, holds an enriching journey encompassing over three decades in distribution and shipping. His profound experience accentuates his commitment to implementing proficient business strategies, fostering a conducive company culture, and nurturing continual learning, thus enhancing organizational efficacy and profitability. He, a family man with seven children and nine grandchildren, epitomizes values of compassion and patience, intertwining his familial ethos with his business acumen to contribute meaningfully to the community. He is a staunch advocate for inclusive employment, fervently supporting opportunities for individuals with disabilities, thereby fostering independence and self-assurance. Stephen Odzer elucidates that a coherent and insightful strategy is pivotal for business sustainability. He encourages CEOs, especially novices, to remain aware of their roles, emphasizing clarity in vision and alignment of resources with organizational objectives. He proposes a holistic approach focusing on simplicity and systematic growth while maintaining competitive advantage and production targets, ensuring the team remains motivated and aligned with the organizational vision.

He stresses the importance of mentorship and coaching in CEO roles. He emphasizes that CEOs serve as the primary mentors, advocating for consistent interactions with the executive team to align them with organizational goals and promote an environment of transparency and optimal performance. He encourages fostering relationships, recognizing exceptional contributions, maintaining open communication channels, and allowing the team to express their thoughts and ideas openly, leading to more productive and united teams. According to him, developing and nurturing company culture is deemed a crucial responsibility and a privilege of a CEO. He underscores the significance of acknowledging every achievement, maintaining inclusivity and diversity, and establishing transparent communication within the team to fortify cultural foundations and foster cohesion and productivity.




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