About Me

Steven Odzer is the CEO of YBT Industries in Cedarhurst, New York. His extensive experience includes more than 30 successful years in distribution and shipping. As a CEO, he focuses on efficient strategy, active mentoring, developing company culture, and applying an attitude of ceaseless learning to optimize performance and profit.

As a proud father of 7 children and nine grandchildren, Odzer understands the powers of patience and compassion. He brings his family-centered vision to the business table and stays on-point about giving back to the community. He is also adamant about hiring people with disabilities, allowing them the chance to be independent and confident.

Steven Odzer: Business Strategy

A company must have a savvy strategy to last. Odzer understands that being a first-time CEO can be daunting as you try to navigate your responsibility and develop your leadership as the highest-ranking member of your team. It can be counterproductive to dive hard and try to accomplish everything at once.

When asked about the key points to consider when developing a business strategy, he explained, "First, be clear about what matters to you most. Then, consider your available resources to understand how they align with your goals. You have to encourage scroll strategy implementation that helps you advance your company's course."

He offers the following six business strategy tips for new CEOs:

  • Clearly define your vision
  • Develop a deep understanding of your competitive advantage
  • Identify production targets
  • Focus operations on simplistic, systematic growth
  • Keep the big picture in mind
  • Keep your team engaged and content

Steven advises newly-appointed CEOs to resist any temptation to dive deep in with the team to enhance production directly. He asserts, "You are the conductor of an intricate symphony. Allow the musicians to master their instrument playing while you conduct the operations."

Steven Odzer: Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are key elements of being an effective CEO, according to Steven Odzer. He advises new CEOs to allocate ample time for mentoring their teams, stating, "As a CEO, you are more than a chief executive businessperson; you are also the chief mentor for your company. It's important to assume the role vigorously and permanently."

Odzer recommends routine mentoring sessions with your executive team. Foster relationships with them, educate them about your goals and give them the transparency and resources they need to perform optimally. Encourage two-direction communication and allow your team to understand how their performance is aligned with company goals.

Recognize and reward superior performance and allow every team member to express new ideas or vent frustrations. Use meetings to exemplify the behaviors that you want the company to project. Always have an agenda for meetings and respect your teams' time. Leave every mutually respectful meeting with a detailed action plan.

Steven Odzer: Developing Company Culture

New CEOs are often inundated with new responsibilities, so they need to remember to address developing company culture. You could be stepping into a company with a well-developed, somewhat developed, or undeveloped culture. In either case, developing it will create various benefits.

Stephen Odzer explains, "New CEOs who neglect company cultural development are missing out on some wonderful opportunities to assert leadership and motivate their teams. Creating and nurturing company culture is a privilege and primary responsibility of any CEO."

He recommends several tactics to enhance your company's culture and create more cohesive, productive teams:

  • Share every small win as a company victory
  • Allow all team members to access sales goals and data
  • Encourage innovation by rewarding strong ideas and actions
  • Maintain inclusivity and diversity as an integral component of company culture
  • Ensure open, honest, transparent, two-way, regular communication with your team

It is within the purview of the new CEO to influence who that gravity attracts. Dive into culture-building and lay the groundwork for the kind of company you want to run

Steven Odzer: Encouraging Ceaseless Learning

Scroll leadership isn't about something other than knowing everything. The best leaders are not afraid to say, "I don't know." They are not afraid to ask, "What do you think?" New CEOs should base their decision-making process on a ceaseless attitude of learning about their industries, competitors, strengths, and weaknesses.

"The importance of an always-learning mindset is crucial for every CEO and every other person who is serious about succeeding in any industry," Steven Odzer explains, "Treat your knowledge like an exotic plant. Feed it fresh information, data, and perspectives daily so that it can flourish. Encourage this same attitude with your team so that everyone learns together and helps the others."

If you would like to learn more about him and his expert advice for new CEOs, then please visit his personal website. If you're a new CEO researching ways to be the best leader, remember to embrace your team and communicate with them. Don't be afraid of not knowing everything. That's why we have teams to begin with!