Philanthropist Steven Odzer Discusses Bris Avrohom and How the Organization Helps the Jewish Community Thrive

Steven Odzer

November 23, 2020

Philanthropist Steven Odzer recently discussed Bris Avrohom and how the organization helps the Jewish community thrive.

Roughly 10 percent of the American Jewish community is made up of Russian Jewish immigrants and their descendants. Bris Avrohom is an organization, founded in 1979, to help these immigrants find homes, jobs, a nearby Jewish community, and more. Philanthropist Steven Odzer recently explained that the organization is still aiding the Russian Jewish community as well as the Jewish community in America as a whole today.

Bris Avrohom is headquartered in Hillside, N.J., and the two additional centers are in Jersey City and Fair Lawn. Bris Avrohom centers can also be found in Zhitomer, Ukraine, and Brooklyn, N.Y. Today, the organization serves people of Jewish faith from all walks of life and any level of Jewish knowledge. What started as a way to help Russian Jewish immigrants thrive is now helping keep the Jewish faith alive throughout New Jersey and way beyond.

“We could use more organizations like Bris Avrohom across the United States,” Steven Odzer said. “It’s a positive group created solely to aid others and help the Jewish community thrive.”

Steven Odzer is a major supporter of Bris Avrohom and the organization’s goals. Bris Avrohom is extremely welcoming, with wide-open doors inviting people of Jewish faith from around the country and around the world. The organization does not discriminate on your level of Jewish faith or understanding. Steven Odzer explained that a major goal of the organization is to help visitors find their comfort levels, whether they need spiritual advice, education, or more.

Steven Odzer explained that while Bris Avrohom centers now offer daily classes, activities for all age groups, and a variety of celebrations, the foundation of helping new Americans still remains strong. The group serves to instill a sense of Jewish understanding and awareness in those who are new to the United States. Steven Odzer added that the Bris Avrohom organization also offers spiritual and non-spiritual advice to those who may need assistance adjusting to new surroundings.

“Bris Avrohom is a place Jewish immigrants can go to feel welcomed, practice their religion, or find advice on locating jobs or safe, comfortable homes,” Steven Odzer said. “My family is proud to support this organization, because we know all of the good it does for our family as well as the entire Jewish community.”

Steven Odzer stated that Bris Avrohom also serves as a center for practicing Jewish traditions and heritage. Bar mitzvahs, brissin, weddings, and so many other events and learning experiences are held at these centers.

“Bris Avrohom centers are major parts of the communities in which they are involved,” Steven Odzer finished. “They serve as positive examples of what the Jewish community offers to people of all faiths.”