Steven Odzer Discusses Lifeguard Products That Can Help You and Your Business Combat COVID

Steven Odzer

March 31, 2021

Discusses Lifeguard Products That Can Help You and Your Business Combat COVID

Business owner Steven Odzer of New York recently discussed Lifeguard products that can help you and your business combat COVID-19.


CEDARHURST, NY / Lifeguard is a PPE supply company that has been saving lives for decades. The need for such PPE supplies has increased drastically since the COVID-19 pandemic began to take hold in early spring 2020. CEO of Lifeguard Steven Odzer recently discussed the Lifeguard products that can help you and your business fight COVID-19.


“Having proper sanitation products on hand is key to business success during the coronavirus pandemic,” Steven Odzer of New York said. “Lifeguard provides the highest-quality sanitation products, so you and your customers can feel confident 100-percent of the time.”


Steven Odzer explained that one of the most popular products right now is hand-sanitizer. Lifeguard hand sanitizer bottles come in multiple sizes. Smaller ones can be tossed in a purse or vehicle while larger ones can provide sanitation for an entire restaurant or workplace. Steven Odzer added that Lifeguard hand sanitizer is plant-based and unscented. It’s vegan, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. This is a hand sanitizer you can feel good about providing and your employees or customers can feel good about using.


“Lifeguard products are designed to be environmentally-friendly as well as gentle on your skin or other surfaces,” Steven Odzer said. “The customer and the environment are our top priorities.”


Steven Odzer of New York stated that Lifeguard also supplies a variety of medical masks in bulk and at unbeatable prices. Three-ply protective masks and disposable PET transparent face shields can be purchased directly from Lifeguard. Other products Steven Odzer stated are especially popular during the pandemic include alcohol wipes and thermometers.


Lifeguard sells a variety of thermometers, including digital oral thermometers, digital wall-mounted thermometers, and contact thermometers. These devices make it possible to ensure your customers, employees, and others are free from fever before entering your establishment. Steven Odzer explained that the use of thermometers is another safety measure used to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


“Alcohol wipes are especially helpful for cleaning the hands and a variety of other services,” Steven Odzer of New York said. “We sell a variety of Lifeguard multi-purpose alcohol wipes and multi-purpose disinfecting wipes.”


Seven Odzer added that multi-purpose wipes supplied by Lifeguard are available in a variety of pack sizes. Small packages can easily be tossed in a bag and taken everywhere, where large containers are more ideal for sanitizing surfaces throughout the workplace. Place containers of multi-purpose disinfecting wipes throughout your establishment, and encourage employees and customers to use them as often as possible. The low price point means you can be generous with use.


Steven Odzer of New York finished by recommended business owners visit the website to browse all the top-quality, environmentally-friendly sanitation products sold by Lifeguard.