Steven Odzer Is Leading to Fight Coronavirus on the Front Lines

Steven Odzer

March 31, 2021 to Fight Coronavirus on the Front Lines

Steven Odzer is the head of BuyLifeguard. This is a company that produces and sells sanitation and personal protection equipment for consumers and the healthcare industry. In the face of a global pandemic, Odzer and his company have been extremely busy. They have worked countless hours to supply healthcare workers who need these supplies to stay safe and save lives.


Steven Odzer and BuyLifeguard Understand the Importance of Sanitation


When the world first began to realize that coronavirus was a global threat, every healthcare professional in the business had the same piece of advice. Wash your hands and try not to touch your face. This is because they already had a strong understanding of how infectious diseases (particularly respiratory infections) spread. Droplets with the virus in them get in the air. Those droplets can land on surfaces. If you touch the surface, the virus gets on your hands, and if you touch your face, the virus can get in your eyes, nose and mouth, making it much easier to contract the disease.


From the outset, Steven Odzer of New York has led BuyLIfeguard to make sanitizing products more available than ever in order to fight the pandemic. When you wash your hands and sterilize surfaces, the disease cannot spread as easily.


Steven Odzer Works to Get PPE to Front-Line Medical Workers


One of the great challenges in combatting and containing COVID-19 has been protecting healthcare workers. They endure great risk in order to provide direct care to patients who need it the most, and in the beginning of the pandemic, PPE was in short supply.


Steven Odzer of New York had BuyLifeguard ramp up production of PPE to help combat this problem. Medical masks have been manufactured tirelessly to provide safety for healthcare workers in the field. Alcohol wipes allow them to quickly and reliably sanitize surfaces and reduce the spread of the disease. Hand sanitizers help healthcare workers keep their hands clean when they don’t have time for a deep scrub. Thermometers monitor patient conditions and help with triage. Disposable gowns create a protective barrier for healthcare workers. After they treat a patient, they can shed the gown and replace it, dramatically lowering their risk of contracting the disease.


BuyLifeguard produces all of these key products, and they have distributed them to medical workers around the world. This intense effort has saved the lives of those at greatest risk, and they have empowered healthcare providers to save even more lives by keeping them healthy on the front lines.