Philanthropist Steven Odzer Donates Over $100,000 In COVID-19 Supplies To NYC Hospitals

Steven Odzer

November 2, 2020

Renowned philanthropist and healthcare supporter Steven Odzer is going above and beyond showing his support for healthcare workers.

Steven Odzer put his money where his mouth is with a $100,000 donation in COVID-19 supplies to doctors and nurses in New York City Hospitals. Steven Odzer is an industry giant based out of Nevada who is in the business of providing janitorial and other sanitation supplies. When the panic around COVID-19 set in, he reached out to Rabbi Eitan Rubin to discuss finding investors who could help supply hospitals with the supplies they desperately needed to stay safe while treating patients struggling with the coronavirus. 

Throughout their conversation, Rabbi Rubin and Steven Odzer, a native of Brooklyn, decided to put their minds together to develop some altruistic ways to help hospitals get the supplies they need. They discussed how desperately New York City hospitals needed additional supplies to help fight the coronavirus. While cases are finally on the decline in New York City, for a time, NYC was at the epicenter of COVID-19. Doctors and nurses were desperately struggling to keep up with caring for patients and finding the personal protective equipment they needed to keep themselves and their patients safe. 

Steven Odzer has a special connection to Rabbi Rubin, beyond their common New York City upbringing. Steven Odzer’s son is currently studying at the rabbi’s yeshiva. In an effort to give back to his community, Steven Odzer agreed to start with a $100,000 donation of medical supplies to New York City hospitals, with coordination help from Rabbi Rubin. 

In addition to the generous donation, Steven Odzer agreed to provide the rabbi with anything else he needed at cost and on credit. While the rabbi and Steven Odzer understand that much work needs to be done to help doctors and nurses fighting the coronavirus get the help that they need, they’re glad to be doing their part to help. 

In a conversation with the publication Jewish Insider, Steven Odzer said, “It’s a drop in the bucket of what’s needed, but we’re doing our part.”

While Steven Odzer may feel that his contribution was a small bit of doing his part to help the greater good, he managed to kick off a domino effect of donations throughout the New York City area. The conversation and generosity of Steven Odzer kicked off a run of solicitation from the rabbi, and he’s continuing to work hard to provide healthcare facilities with masks and ventilators to help provide patients with treatment for the coronavirus.