Steven Odzer Discusses the Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund Helping to Prevent Spread

Steven Odzer

February 25, 2021

Steven Odzer Discusses the Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund Helping to Prevent Spread

Distributing Masks to Help Prevent COVID 19 Transmission


The Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund is helping to mitigate the spread of COVID 19 with donations of masks to vulnerable populations. Steven Odzer, the founder of this non-profit, is leading the effort to raise money and protect American households.


People seeking masks, or wishing to donate to the fund, can go online to apply or remit their donation. Applying for masks is straightforward and takes only a few minutes. Once ordered, masks are shipped to those in need helping to avoid the transmission of COVID 19. The monies donated to the fund are utilized for acquiring and distributing masks in efficient and economical ways.


According to Hopkins Medicine, masks and social distancing are known to prevent the spread of this illness, and making personal protective equipment available is critical for mitigation. Stopping the spread of COVID 19 is a community effort that takes people across the country and the around the world working in unison. Steven Odzer is uniting members of the community through his non-profit and business connections to make a substantive difference in the fight against COVID 19.


As an experienced supply chain and distribution professional, Steven Odzer has the acumen and skills to source high-quality masks and distribute them effectively. His industry experience, supporting businesses large and small, makes him uniquely qualified to help distribute personal protective equipment. Logistics is one of the major concerns in battling COVID 19, and Steven Odzer has the practical skills to meet supply chain challenges.


Steven Odzer created this fund in response to the global pandemic that’s ravaged economies and families around the world. Wearing masks is mandated in many states, and adequate supplies are necessary to ensure the vulnerable are protected. Many workers still have to deal with the public during COVID 19, including those workers deemed essential. As a result, more masks are needed to protect workers, their livelihoods, and services that the community depends on.


Steven Odzer is CEO of and is a leading distributor of foodservice, janitorial, packaging, and safety supplies. He supports businesses in a variety of industries including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and delivery meal services. In addition to his philanthropic activities related to COVID 19, he’s also created the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program to help students realize college ambitions.