Steven Odzer On The Upcoming 26th Anniversary of the Death of His Cousin Nachshon Wachsman

Steven Odzer

December 2, 2020

World Needs More Tolerance, Peace, and Kindness, Says Steven Odzer

On Oct 14, 1994, Hamas terrorists killed Israeli Defense Forces sergeant Nachshon Wachsman after the Israelis failed in an attempt to rescue him from the Hamas kidnappers. On the 26th anniversary of his death, his cousin Steven Odzer remembers Wachsman, who was also a U.S. citizen. Steven Odzer also pleads for the world’s people to learn to tolerate differences, be kind to each other, and live in peace.

“My cousin and I were close buddies,” said Steven Odzer. “Even though Nachshon grew up in Jerusalem, we visited each other frequently,” he said. One of Steven’s Odzer’s sons is named Nachshon after his cousin. “That void will never be filled,” he said.

Wachsman was on his way home after attending a training mission in Northern Israel when four men kidnapped him and took him to the Palestinian city of Bir Nabala. The Israeli military captured the driver of the kidnapper’s car and learned where the terrorists were holding Wachsman. The Israeli military tried to rescue him, but their explosives failed, and they lost the element of surprise. By the time they reached Wachsman, the terrorists had already shot him.

On the day Wachsman was captured, Steven Odzer had asked a Brooklyn-based rabbi to bless his cousin. He had also asked that the captors free Wachsman but that, unfortunately, was not to be.

Because of what happened to Wachsman, Steven Odzer has been motivated continually to strive to make the world a better place. “I believe it is important that we treat each other with kindness, even if we have different opinions or come from different cultures. All who live in peace with others honor my cousin’s memory,” he said. “I live in peace with my Arab neighbors and do what I can to promote Arab-Israeli cooperation in business, Steven Odzer says.

Steven Odzer also values his family. He continues to stay in touch with his large extended family in Israel. He also has an extensive family in the United States, including seven children and nine grandchildren.

Steven Odzer provides active support to Bris Avrohom, which helps Russian immigrants in the United States and to many Jewish and non-Jewish causes. A firm believer in education, he also recently set up a scholarship program, awarding 20 scholarships of $1,000 each.

About Steven Odzer

Steven Odzer is a successful American entrepreneur who lives in New York and Nevada. Since turning 18, Steven has worked hard to create, develop, and successfully lead businesses in the distribution industry. He was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur in 2000. With more than 30 years of experience, Steven looks to transform the distribution landscape.