Steven Odzer Talks About What It Means to Be a Member of the Economic Club of New York

Steven Odzer

May 12, 2020

Steven Odzer

Steven Odzer discusses what it means to him to be a member of the Economic Club of New York.

Businessman Steven Odzer is ecstatic to share what it meant to him to belong to the Economic Club of New York. “I recently joined the Economic Club, where I have been able to meet some of the most successful business leaders in the world,” Steven Odzer says. He was most proud to be able to attend an event on November 12, 2019; he participated in the event at the Economic Club on November 12, 2019, where President Donald Trump gave a speech.

Steven Odzer (5)During his speech, President Trump talked about his plan to move production factories back to the U.S. and help the American People. In his speech, President Trump addressed withstand on phase one of the Trade Deal with China. “A significant ‘phase one’ trade deal with China could happen. [It] could happen soon. But we will only accept a deal if it’s good for the United States and our workers and our great companies because we’ve been hit very hard,” said President Trump. President Trump mentioned how Americans are now forced to work two or three jobs and make a lot less money than they made 21 years ago.

President Trump also inspired the audience by saying, “We have ended the war on American workers, we have stopped the assault on [the] American industry, and we have launched an economic boom the likes of which we have never seen before.”

The decision to join the Economic Club was influenced by a piece of advice Steven Odzer’s father gave him when he was a young man. “My father taught me to surround myself with important people,” says Steven. He never forgot the words of his father; in fact, two of his current business partners are billionaires. Steven Odzer aims to make excellent business connections at the Economic Club.

Economic Club of New York | Steven Odzer

Modeled after the Economic Clubs of the Boston Area, the Economic Club of New York has been around since 1907. Ever since its founding, the Economic Club has been a place where their members can go when they want to engage in constructive debates and thoughtful discussions with regards to issues of the era. For example, in the 1910s, members of the club debated topics such as the women’s suffrage movement and U.S. income tax.

Steven Odzer is a big supporter of Jewish and non-Jewish causes, the Arab-Jewish business cooperation, and agencies that help people with disabilities. Steven Odzer also likes to spend his time with his grandchildren.