How Distribution Issues Should Be Handled, According to Steven Odzer

Steven Odzer

November 7, 2020

The Pandemic is Leading to More Distribution Issues Than Ever, Steven Odzer Identifies

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to countless distribution issues. Companies have had to deal with extensive delays in shipping to their customers. Some parts are no longer available due to factories being shut down, either temporarily or permanently. Steven Odzer, a distribution specialist with 30 years of experience, explains how the various issues need to be tackled.

Steven Odzer recommends that companies take the time to be transparent to their customers. Most customers understand that there are going to be delays because of the pandemic. When distribution issues are present, communication is critical.

Companies should send out an email to customers while also placing an update on the website. Steven Odzer talks about explaining why there is a distribution, how it’s affecting business, and what a customer can expect. It can lead to improved customer service and more brand loyalty.

Another thing that Steven Odzer recommends is to take a look at the overall supply chain. When the distribution channels have been impacted, there’s generally a reason. It can be beneficial to make a switch to another supplier.

Some distribution channels may be impacted because of the mode of transportation being used. This is when Steven Odzer suggests looking at some of the other ways to get products distributed to where they need to go – either to warehouses, retail stores, or directly to a customer.

Many companies don’t realize that they have to reevaluate what they can and cannot offer within the pandemic. Steven Odzer recommends that businesses take the time to look over their menu of products. It can be better to list some items as temporarily out of stock. This way, it doesn’t leave customers wondering when they’re going to get the products. Further, it can be beneficial to look at ways to add products based on what is available through the supply chain.

The distribution channels are not going to go back to normal any time soon. As certain countries are still dealing with outbreaks and second waves, they’re hesitant to open factories. This means, as Steven Odzer points out, that companies have a choice. They can wait for the factories, find different factories to work with, or eliminate the items that come from those factories.

It can be beneficial to conduct surveys of customer needs, too. Steven Odzer explains that some customers that are used to ordering the same things repeatedly from businesses may have had their needs change in light of the pandemic, too. By conducting surveys, it’s easier to know what customers are looking for and how long they’re willing to wait for shipments.

With the experience that Steven Odzer has, he has worked in a number of situations. Although a pandemic is unique, the heart of it is that it is an upset to the supply chain. Companies will do better if they take the time to plan through it and communicate with their customers.