Steven Odzer Talks Advocacy for Arabic and Jewish Business Organizations

Steven Odzer

November 23, 2020

Steven Odzer understands firsthand the importance of supporting Arabic and Jewish businesses based out of the United States. At the mere age of 18, the budding entrepreneur single-handedly started his own successful business out of his parents’ basement. Steven Odzer, with decades of distribution experience under his belt, wants to see more non-profits designed to support small to mid-sized businesses with owners of Arabic and Jewish descent.

Steven Odzer Talks About the Challenges of Israeli Businesses

The need for support of Arabic and Jewish companies stems from multiple factors. One of the most concerning is racial discrimination. For hundreds of years, the Arab and Jewish community has been forced to “prove” themselves as welcomed members of their communities. Negative media attention has perpetrated the idea that Arab and Jewish Americans are eternally foreigners and not valued community members. Racial discrimination has hurt businesses as boycotts have called to stop Arabic and Jewish companies from causing “economic ruin.” Steven Odzer has emphasized that with the right support in place that Arabic and Jewish businesses can thrive. With the assistance of business leaders, non-profits, and government officials, more acceptance of Israeli-owned companies is possible.

Steven Odzer on the Community Benefit of Arabic and Jewish Organizations

In the age of the pandemic, Steven Odzer has seen what type of significant change is possible through Israeli organizations. His company, a distributor of sanitation and janitorial supplies, has worked directly with yeshivas to boost masks and hand sanitizer supplies. His donation and partnership with Rabbi Rubbin have provided tens of thousands of N95 masks and sanitation stations to first responders and medical facilities.

Importance of Advocacy of Israeli Companies

Supporting nonprofits that provide advocacy services to prospective Arabic and Jewish business owners is a passion of Steven Odzer. Nonprofits are essential for purporting funds and benefits to launching new companies to immigrants or those from primarily Arabic and Jewish communities. Initiatives not only help businesses with initial investments but also provide ongoing support. Organizations should also work with forming mutually beneficial alliances with other Israeli companies. They can also help improve relationships between government officials and Israeli-owned companies. With government backing, organizations have protection against becoming a target of hate crimes.

Steven Odzer is a family-oriented businessman and owner of a large-scale distribution company. For years, he has remained actively involved with charities supporting immigrants who wish to start businesses in the United States.